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Furry Friend Facts 

  • ​​It is very important that your pet is provided adequate food, water, and shelter. 


  • If your pet is missing, please contact Animal Control to see if it has been picked up.  Cordele Animal Shelter also houses dogs and cats from Crisp County and several neighboring counties.  


  • Keep your pets up to date on Rabies Vaccination.  This is a state law.  It is required yearly.


  • The City of Cordele has a leash law ordinance.  You may be subject to a citation if your dog is not on a leash, or kept in a pen or fenced in area.


  • If you have an unwanted pet, a charge of $12 must be paid prior to animal control picking up the animal.


  • If your animal has been picked up, a $30 fee must be paid to reclaim your pet.


  • Animal control sets traps Monday – Thursday for stray/feral dogs and cats.  Traps are not set on weekends or during severe weather.


  • If you have a problem with bees, call the police department and we will be glad to give you contact numbers of local beekeepers.

Animal Control Facts & Reminders