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City of Cordele Animal Adoption Fees
Male - $25
Male - $45
Female - $45
Female 0-25 lbs - $45

          26-50 lbs - $65

       Over 50 lbs - $85

Dogs and Cats that we pick up are kept for a short period of time in hopes that their owner is located.  After that time, ACO Michelle Martin works on finding a home for them. 

The last thing any Animal Control Officer wants to do is euthanize an animal. So we try every means to “move” the animals we pick up to prevent that from happening.

​​Animal Transfers

ACO Michelle Martin has connections with several no-kill shelters and humane societies close to our area.  Once the animal is posted on our Facebook page, these facilities view the photos and contact us if they are interested in taking them.

Pet Adoptions
Are you looking to adopt a Pet? You can view Facebook for animals that we have available for adoption.  You may also contact animal control at 229-276-2921 Monday - Friday 8am -5pm to set up an appointment to view the animals at the shelter. Our fees for adoption is inexpensive and covers the cost of having your pet neutered or spayed.

​Georgia House Bill 1181 states that all animals adopted from animal shelters and humane societies must be neutered or spayed by a licensed veterinarian within 30 days of adoption.                                                                         

Cordele Animal Control

​Animal Adoptions & Transfers