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Utilities Department - Wastewater

The Gum Creek Water Pollution Control Plant was upgraded in 1980 to a designed flow of 5.0 MGD and in 2013 reclaimed an average of 3.46 million gallons of wastewater per day. Treatment of wastewater consists of coarse screening, aerated grit removal followed by primary clarification, trickling filtration, secondary clarification, followed by bionitrification and final clarification. Final treatment steps include disinfections with chlorine, post aeration and dechlorination with sodium bisulfite. Solids treatment is aerobic digestion, sludge thickening and dewatering by a filter belt press. 

 The wastewater lab monitors for parameters such as Biochemical Oxygen Demand, Suspended Solids, Ammonia Nitrogen, Phosphorus, PH, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Chlorine and Fecal Coliform. These are 4 State Licensed Wastewater Lab Analysts and 3 State Licensed Class I Wastewater Operators on staff.