official site for the city of cordele, ga

The Street Department is happy to take part in keeping the City of Cordele clean and safe by maintaining our streets and performing many other tasks as listed below:

  • Maintains over 128.6 miles of streets and rights of way.
  • Asphalts and patches City streets.
  • Maintains alleys by grading, and filling in ruts.
  • Keeps our streets and right of ways clean by sweeping, removing debris, and non-hazardous spills.
  • Keeps our City clean by removing the unsafe buildings, debris, vegetation, and leaving raked clean, under the direction of our Unsafe Building and Premises Ordinances.
  • Cleans and maintains curbs, gutters, storm drains, and 14 ditches.
  • Repairs sidewalks.
  • Asphalts Utility Cuts.
  • Removes trees and limbs from roadways.
  • Maintains 7 holding ponds essential for retention of flood water.
  • Installs driveways.
  • Demolishes structures for the Unsafe Building & Premises Ordinance.

Please note that, before any tree can be removed a permit application must be approved by the Tree Board. Remember, NEVER empty oil, gasoline, antifreeze or other chemicals into storm drains. The drains empty into local rivers and creeks, which flow into and pollute our oceans.