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How do I set up a new water, sewer, or gas service?
Contact the Public Works Department to inquire about service availability.  Once availability has been determined, the service size will be verified.  New services require tap fees and deposits.  Fees and deposits should be made to the Finance Department.

How much does a new water, sewer, or gas service cost?
The amount of the tap fee is based on the size needed to provide adequate service.  Contact Customer Service for more information.

How long will it take the City to install my service after I have made application?
The Georgia Utility Facility Protect Act (enacted in July 2000) mandates that,before starting any digging or excavation work, we must contact Georgia 811 to have utility lines marked. By law we are required to wait at least 3 full business days before we can begin.  Once we have been cleared to dig, the work order will be scheduled.  Most new services will be installed within 2 (two) weeks from dig date.

Why is my water discolored or milky looking?
Milky looking water occurs when there is air in the lines.  Discolored water may be caused by a water main break or flushing a fire hydrant.  See the Utilities Department FAQ’s for more information.

Why does my water have an odor?
Occasionally, you may smell chlorine in your water.  The Utilities Department is required by the Environmental Protection Division to add chlorine to drinking water.  If you smell a “rotten egg” odor, it may be due to lack of use. See the Utilities Department FAQ’s for more information.

​I have a water leak.  Will it affect my bill?
You are only charged for water that passes through your water meter.  If the water leak is on the City’s side of the meter, it will not affect your bill. If the leak is on the customer side of the meter, it will affect your bill.  If you suspect a leak on the customer side, contact a plumber for repairs.

Is there a charge to turn my water off for repairs?
Yes, there is an on/off service fee.   All fees are paid to the Finance Department. Contact Customer Service for more information.

Why is my water off?
The Water Department may turn water off to make repairs.  When this occurs, we will make every reasonable effort to notify the public. However, in cases of emergency, water may be turned off without notification. If your neighbors have water, it is most likely a billing issue. Contact Customer Service to verify that your payment has been received and posted correctly.     
Why is my gas off?
The Gas Department may turn gas off to make repairs to our system or meter set or your gas may have been turned off due to a suspected leak on the customer side of the meter.  However, if this should occur, the Gas Department will leave a door hanger explaining the reason of the outage and contact numbers. If you do not have a door hanger, contact Customer Service to verify that your payment has been received and posted correctly.

What if I smell gas? 
The odorant added to natural gas smells like “rotten eggs”.  If you smell gas, evacuate immediately,leaving doors open.  Don’t not look for leak or stop to open windows. Do not turn on or off any electrical appliances, including light switches or fans.  Do not use telephones or cell phones.  Do not light matches, lighters, or smoke in the area. Go to a safe location and call Public Works at 229-276-2541 or 911.
Can I get gravel or dirt from the City?
The City does not provide gravel, dirt or other materials to fill holes on private property, nor do we sell it.  We are prohibited, by law, from selling material and equipment to the public without offering it to bid.  All equipment and material the City sells will be offered to bid on

A tree has fallen in my yard.  Will the City remove it?
The City will not remove any tree or limbs on private property. If the property owner (within City Limits) will cut the tree up into pieces no larger than 3' long, put the road and notify Advanced Disposal, they will pick it up. You can request a pick up from Advanced Disposal by calling 229-273-4536.

All trees removed by the City are located on City Right-of-Ways and present an immediate threat to life or property. The removal of any tree on City ROW, not classified by an immediate threat, requires the approval of the Cordele Tree Board.  Contact the City Manager’s office for information concerning the Tree Board.

When does mosquito control start?
The City of Cordele begins mosquito control in April and continues through October.  Currently, we provide aerial spraying twice a month, with particular emphasis on parks and ball fields, and ground control, by truck, once per week.

I have garbage and yard debris questions.  Who do I contact?
The City’s sanitation services have been contracted out to a third party.  All questions or requests concerning household garbage and yard trash should be directed to the contractor, which currently is Advanced Disposal at 229-273-4536. Billing questions should be directed to Customer Service.

The street light on my street is out?  Who do I contact?
Although the City is responsible for the placement and cost of operation for street lights within the City Limits, all maintenance, including bulb replacement, is performed by Crisp County Power Commission. You can report it to them by emailing them at or you can call them at 229-273-3820.

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