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Frequently Asked Utility Questions?

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Water Department

1.    What is the hardness of the drinking water?  
It is 290 mg/l (parts per million) of calcium carbonate. This is moderately hard water and will cause lime and scale build-up.

2.      Why does my water look milky sometimes? 
This is caused by air in the water lines and is not harmful in anyway.

3.      Why does my water look like it has sand in it? 
It is very unlikely, but it could be lime that has built up in the water heater.  Water heaters should be flushed out every 6 months to keep them working properly.

4.      Why does my water smell like chlorine? 
We are required to add it by the Environmental Protection Division.  You can fill a pitcher with water and refrigerate it overnight and the chlorine will dissipate and you won’t smell it anymore.

5.      Why is my water discolored? 
Try running your cold water for 5 minutes and see if it clears up, this usually works.  If not, call our office.  This can be caused by a water main break or fire hydrant flushing and it is not harmful but do not wash white clothes as they will become stained.

6.      Why does my hot water smell like rotten eggs? 
This is usually caused by lack of use and can be readily fixed by flushing the hot water tank out.

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