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Alisha Williams, Asst. City Clerk



Mission:  To provide our tax payers with the most professional service to serve them.We take the motto we treat you like we want to be treated.

Assistant City Clerk

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Assistant City Clerk's Duties

Hotel/Motel Collections

Maintain monthly on spreadsheet by customer. Give copy of spreadsheet and reports to Asst. Finance Director for verification to G/L & filing (by month).

Alcohol Tax Collections

Maintain monthly on spreadsheet by vendor. Give copy of spreadsheet and reports to Asst. Finance Director for verification to G/L & filing (by month).


Assist customers with tax questions. New bills go out each October. Customers will have 60 days to pay before any interest is added. After March 20, FiFa's are done on delinquent tax bills.

City Clerk/Asst. City Clerk CANNOT adjust taxes. For current year tax adjustments, (3 yr window), customers must contact the Tax Assessor's Office at 229-276-2635.

FiFa Releases

Send to Clerk of Superior Court office monthly to be released. Clerk of Superior Court will send back to City for the City to mail to customer.

Business Licenses/Occupational Tax Certificates

Collect admin. fee of $75.00 + tax % based on class (businesses located within city limits only).

​If located outside of city limits, customer must have copy of county license and will only owe admin fee.

Must collect the following from each applicant:

  • Completed application
  • Copy of certificate of occupancy
  • Copy of applicant's photo ID. 
  • Payment

​After all documents are found to be in order, sign license, affix City of Cordele seal, make copy of license and mail.

(If payment is made by check, license will not be mailed until sufficient time has passed for check to clear bank.)


Tony Moore will assist with locating grave spaces...............229-322-9716

Grave spaces are currently $500 each. Once payment is made, make a card for rolodex and prepare deeds.Deeds are to be signed by Chairman of Commission, Asst. City Clerk, Witness and Notary.  We do not keep copies of deeds.


Answer claims and make file.