Right-of-way encroachment:

Encroachment upon the pipeline right-of-ways inhibit the City of Cordele Gas Department’s ability to reduce the chance of third-party damage, provided right-of-way surveillance and perform routine maintenance and required federal and state inspections.  In order to perform these critical activities, pipeline maintenance personnel must be able to access the pipeline right-of-way, as provided for in the easement agreement. 

To ensure access, the area on either side of the pipeline contained within the right-of-way must be maintained, clear of trees, shrubs, buildings, fences, structures, or any other encroachments.  The landowner has the obligation to respect the pipeline easement or right-of-way by not placing obstructions or encroachments within the right-of-way.  

Maintaining a pipeline right-of-way free of encroachments is an essential element of maintaining pipeline integrity and safety. Residents, excavators, and land developers are asked to contact the City of Cordele Gas Department if there are questions concerning the pipeline or the right-of-way, especially if property improvements or excavations are planned that might impact the right-of-way.  If excavation activities are planned, excavators and developers are required by state law to contact GA811 by dialing 811 or visiting www.georgia811.com  at least 48 hours prior to excavation. Longer lead times for planning major projects are advised.

To Natural gas pipeline rights-of-way must be kept free from structures and other obstructions to provide access to the gas line for maintenance, as well as in the event of an emergency. Do not dig or build near the gas line without first contacting City of Cordele Gas Department at 229-276-2541.

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