Purpose and Reliabllity:

Natural Gas is a plentiful gas found deep beneath the earth’s surface.  It is formed naturally and produces very few emissions.  It is considered the cleanest fuel because of its clean-burning qualities.  The United States produces natural gas and has an abundance of natural gas in storage inventory.

Natural Gas is the most popular energy used for home heating.  More than half of all the homes in the United States use natural gas—almost 62 million families.

The City of Cordele Gas Department distributes natural gas to over 1,200 gas customers.  Our system operates 123 miles of steel and polyethylene distribution pipeline ranging from ½” to 8” and at pressures ranging from 25 lbs. to 60 lbs.  These pipes are located throughout the City of Cordele and in rural areas of Crisp County.  We also operate 13 miles of 4” steel transmission pipeline owned by Crisp County Power Commission.  This pipeline runs from 15th St. in Cordele turning south through Crisp County and into Worth County to the power plant.  The CCPC transmission pipeline operates at a pressure of 450 lbs.

Our office is located at 808 E. 11th Avenue in Cordele.  We have 6 full-time employees who are dedicated to providing you with a safe and efficient form of energy.  For more information on natural gas, please contact us at 229-276-2541.

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