Customer's piping:

Federal Regulation 192.16 requires that we notify you to exercise diligence regarding underground or buried gas piping.  Buried pipe may be subject to leakage and/or corrosion (corrosion may occur on metallic pipe) and could potentially be subject to hazards if not maintained.

Customer’s Buried Piping is any underground piping on the customer’s side (house side) of the gas meter.    Piping beyond the gas meter (customer’s side) belongs to the gas customer.  It is the responsibility of the gas customer to maintain this portion of the gas system.  If this piping is not maintained properly, it may be subject to potential hazards of corrosion and/or leakage.  Customer Buried Piping should be periodically inspected for leaks, corrosion (if piping is metallic), and other unsafe conditions.  Buried gas piping should be located prior to any digging.  Mechanized excavation should not be performed near buried gas piping.  Piping should be repaired if/when any unsafe condition is discovered.  A licensed gas plumber or heating contractor can assist in locating, inspecting, and repairing customer’s buried piping.  For more information, or to obtain a licensed plumbers list, contact the City of Cordele Gas Department at 229-276-2541.

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