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How do I set up or transfer Utility Services? 

  • Customers must present proper identification: (preferably a photo ID), social security number, and proof of ownership or a rental receipt when setting up service at any address. Additional information as required on the customer service application, including signature, must be provided.
  • Deposits are requiredon existing services for all residential and business customers, except homeowners, and must be paid prior to turning on services. Currently, the water/sewer service deposit is $60 and the gas service deposit is $80. This does not include tap fees for new services. Deposits are refunded only after services have been terminated and all account balances are paid in full. Food businesses and dry cleaners must pay $150 in deposits for each service requested.
  • New services require tap fees and deposits. The amount of the tap fee is based on the size needed and is determined by our Public Works Department. Tap fees must be paid before service can begin.   

How are invoices for services determined? 

Water, sewer and gas charges are based on consumption amounts plus an availability fee. Residential garbage pickup, which is required, is billed as a flat fee. Call our office for further information on current rates. Rates are doubled for services provided outside our city limits. For further information, please call – (229) 276-2943 or 276-2944.     

When should I expect an invoice for services? 

Monthly invoicing, based on the previous month’s consumption, is mailed out after the 5th of the month for Cycle 3 residents, after the 25th for Cycle 2 residents, and after the 15th for Cycle 1 residents.       

When is my payment due? 

Invoices are due in full before the 15th for Cycle 3 residents, before the 5th for Cycle 2 residents, and before the 25th for Cycle 1 residents.  

What are the penalties and fees for late payments? 

A 10% ($5.00 minimum) late charge penalty is added. To prevent termination of services, account balances must be paid before the 25th for Cycle 3 residents, before the 15th for Cycle 2 residents, and before the 5th for Cycle 1 residents.     

What is the cut-off policy? 

Once the cut-off list is published, customers incur additional charges of $15.00 per service to restore services, regardless of whether the service has been cut-off or not.

The cut-off time for servicing work orders by our meter department is 4:00 PM Monday-Friday. There is an additional $50.00 charge per service assessed for work order requests after 4:00 PM Monday-Friday and on Weekends. Response to after-hours request will be made only in EMERGENCY situations. A $8.00 charge is also assessed when more than one (1) service call to a residence or business is made to restore services.     

How can I make my payment? 

Payments can be made in person, online, by mail (City of Cordele Finance Dept.,P.O. Box 569, Cordele, GA  31010), by local bank draft, or by placing your payment in our night depository, located on the west side of City Hall. Please include your utility bill with your payment.

If you wish to place your account on bank draft (ACH Withdrawal), you may download the Bank Draft Authorization Form, fill out and return to us.. 

What if I have a returned check? 

  • If you pay by check and your check is returned, your services will be terminated without notification!!!
  • A $40 returned check fee plus a $15 per service reconnection fee must be paid before services can be turned back on.
  • If you have more than three checks returned, you will be placed on a cash only basis for payments.  


What if I need assistance paying my utility bill? 

If you have a problem paying your utility bill, please contact our Customer Service Department before your cutoff date. Depending on the particular circumstances, we do allow extremely large residential bills to be paid in installments. We will also work with you in cases of hardship or in extenuating circumstances. There are procedures and limits to this policy! Please contact customer services if you find yourself in need of this service.

How do I terminate my services? 

  • If you move and/or need your services terminated for reasons other than non-payment, notify us immediately.
  • Billing continues, with you responsible for all incurred charges, until we are notified.
  • Services terminated because of non-payment continue to incur monthly availability fees, garbage fees, and penalties.


What if I suspect a gas leak? 

If you suspect you have a gas leak or can smell the strong odor of gas in your home ACT FAST - get away, don't look for leak, don't delay, don't use or touch anything electrical, not even a cell phone. After vacating the premises, you may call 911 anytime or you can call us at (229) 273-6136 Monday - Friday 8:00am until 5:00pm. 

What if I have a water leak? 

You should notify us if you have a water leak and have it repaired as quickly as possible. It is the customer’s responsibility to have the leak repaired! Please notify customer service as soon as you have repaired the leak, and we will have City personnel verify the same. Once these actions have taken place, then, and only then, we will figure an adjustment on the bill if one is entitled to you. You are still required to pay and are responsible for the bill!

What if my garbage cart goes missing or is in need of repair? 

If your garbage cart is in need of repair or is missing, please notify customer service. We will then notify the appropriate parties to have repairs or replacements done. 

What other services are provided by the Finance Department? 

  • Information and sale of water/sewer and/or gas taps.

  • Information and sale of cemetery lots and perpetual care.

  • Information and sale of occupational tax license.

  • Receive payments for protective service and building permits and other licensing.

  • City property tax billing and collections.

  • Receive payments for other miscellaneous city services.

  • Administration of all accounting functions for the city.

  • Preparation of Annual Budget and Financial Reports.          

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